Do You Have Ideas For Your Dream Craft Room?


Do You Have Ideas For Your Dream Craft Room?

What I would give to create my dream craft room?! Oh, Boy! I’d go crazy I’d go to Michael’s, A.C. Moore, Joanne’s, Boston Bead Co., along with several other shops physical stores and online. If I only had the time and money. =) Wouldn’t you??!!


Story Teller

While making a piece of jewelry I like to give it a name and while naming it tell a little story, well try to at least. I don’t know how many people out there do this kind of thing but I think it’s necessary with certain pieces as they are considered wearable pieces of art. Every artist names there artwork don’t they? A sculpture or painting or framed photo/ drawing gets named, like the Mona Lisa or Starry Night(one of my favorites) and these pieces have a story behind them. The artist didn’t just create them without explaining why if so do you think they’d be so famous? I’m not saying my jewelry will be famous because … it won’t, although that would be nice.  



I named this bracelet “October Sky” because I love the fall it’s my favorite time of year. The colors outside are just breath-takingly beautiful and they are all here in this bracelet. Reds, oranges, golds, yellows, pinks and purples dancing on the ground and falling gently off trees around the giant harvest moon glowing brightly in the sky. Smells of cinnamon and cloves and apple pie are in the air, pumpkins are being carved into amazing little creatures, there are harvest parties, hayrides, apple picking and you can’t forget children dressing up – getting ready to trick or treat. There is one other reason I love’s my birthday month-how fun. So, this is my story behind naming this bracelet “October Sky” (it wasn’t named after the movie).