Visit My Etsy Shop

Visit My Etsy Shop

I have an Etsy shop where I sell my handmade items. Check it out, let me know what you think. I have been creating ‘wearable pieces of art’, as I like to call them, since 2009. I love to make jewelry and when someone buys a piece and see them wearing it and they are smiling it makes my heart so happy. I love making people happy. I love gifting my jewelry too. I have donated my pieces to fundraisers for cancer research and that makes me the happiest, knowing that I can help. 


Pantone’s Color of the Year is….ORCHID!!!!



This is so exciting! I read this in a People’s magazine while in a waiting room at the doctor’s office. I nearly screamed, I was so happy. I was actually grinning and shaking my head, I wonder what the people around me were thinking of me?.. They probably thought I was nuts, but I honestly didn’t care. ORCHID was named color of the year!! How awesome is that?! My daughter, who was there to see the doctor (we’ll talk about her later), said “Mom you should write to them and tell them about the name of your company”.  I told her I appreciated the fact that she had so much confidence in me but I didn’t think they would care about my little ole’ company, she just smiled and kept reading her copy of National Geographic.

Most magazines in waiting rooms annoy me, this one happened to be one of the top ones (a People’s) but NOT today! Ha! 

Not only do I love the color but I also love the flower. ❤

Oh Pinterest…You Drive Me Crazy, but I Love You

I see ideas on Pinterest and I want to create them but, alas, I try and almost always fail. I bet you’re reading this and saying to yourself, not me. LOL. I just HAD to add that line in there, I had to…just for fun. But we have all tried to recreate something from Pinterest or tried out one idea. Whether it be a new exercising routine, a book, a meal, a hobby, a movie, or a craft. But in the end we have either fail or come out on top. If you haven’t succeeded, don’t give up-try it again. I tried recreating this pice at least 4 times before this came to be. Actually, my former college roommate and I decided to try it and we each posted it on FB to see how ours came out. Each was so unique. It was quite an undertaking, I tell you.

Is there something that you have tried out that you have either failed or succeeded at that you want to share? If so tell me EVERYTHING…I want the juicy details. heeheehee.

So the Purple necklace was on Pinterest. My roommate made the Blue necklace and I made the Black necklace. So as you can imagine this was a very difficult necklace to recreate, just from looking at the pictures.