We’re Still Revolving

I know this is not about beading or jewelry making, but this is a journalists view while living in the Ukraine and I thought that it may interest you.
Please take a moment to read it and think of what life must be like there. We are quite blessed here.

Jen Herrmann

“What’s it like?”

People ask me this all the time now, as Ukraine makes its way across international headlines. What’s it like to live in a revolution? What’s it like to be a foreigner here right now?

Well, last week, people fought and stood their ground and were killed for their country’s freedom. A city that I love was covered with smoke and ash and grief. The president fled when the tide turned against him, leaving in his wake a hope that these deaths were not in vain.

And me? I went to the store and bought milk. I made lesson plans. I spoke to future journalists about covering negative events. I woke up and lived and went back to sleep, as long as sleep wasn’t too elusive.

This is not to say that I have been unaffected by the revolution. I assure you that it is quite the opposite…

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