Repurposing, Restoration, Barbies and Christmas….

I went to CVS minute clinic yesterday only to find out that I have viral bronchitis, Lovely. Tis the season though, right? Anyways, while I was waiting to be seen I perused the magazines, all of the crafting magazines and of course almost all of them were covered in Christmas crafts and recipes. I found a new magazine that peaked my interest, it was walled Flea Market Decor. It went right along with my interest to repurpose old furniture and/or antiques. I have been watching shows like Rehab Addict & Flea Market Flip and going to stores like Restoration Hardware. These things excite me, but I rarely get to do what I like, there’s just no time. While reading this magazine there was a picture of a bureau in there that made me want to throw the magazine. It had vintage barbies for the handles. How creepy? Yikes!!! Why would you do that?
And then they had a whole Christmas section. Several different rooms were decorated for Christmas in different themes some were so gaudy, oh my. Very Bright, a little too bright. Some were traditional. Some rustic. Not sure how you decorate for Christmas but I like traditional and if I could have my choice I would go traditional/rustic. I have seen this repurposed christmas tree idea around and I really want to do it and I just may, just have to find the right pieces of wood and the time. If I could live in a log cabin (a little modernized) for christmas time and it was all done up I would be oh so happy and giddy. In case you can’t tell I love Christmas. But, please please please remember the True and Honest meaning of Christmas while repurposing, restoring and decorating. Jesus truly is the reason for CHRISTmas season. Maybe we’ll find a beautifully hand carved nativity on our flea marketing journeys. If you do place it somewhere you can see it, where it will remind you of why we are celebrating. And give back, pay it forward.
How do you decorate for Christmas? Do you like repurposing?

il_340x270.650893417_idok                  CWx20139.1L93af9__colorful-christmas-tree-decorating1                                           6242d765801c3686bae66120493e07e9KFOT12_pink-christmas-tree_s3x4_lg                                                      45cfbb9c9c68a733b9dc89b678699bf7 

1                                                        1024_jvBarbie3Lot_01


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