It’s been a while

Hey, have you missed me? I moved and got so busy. We went from a fairly quiet neighborhood to a city. Trains, ambulances, cops, firetrucks, 18 wheelers, the works gong past my house at all hours. Have you been there? It’s not all bad. We have museums and parks nearby too.

I’ve met a few moms at the kid’s schools and they are so interesting. One of them loves Pinterest as much as me but I think I have more pins than her. Ha! Is there a contest? If not there should be. Let’s start one, WHO HAS THE MOST PINS?! (I’m fresh)

About, Pinterest, what are your favorite things to pin? Lately I am into a ‘restoration hardware’ theme and I am loving what I am finding. Too bad I can’t create these pieces. Can’t stand when that happens. But a girl can dream.

I also love pinning about new foods to try and crafts to make, I may not try them all but I sure do like looking at them.

So here are a few links to check out promise I won’t go crazy on you with the links. Feel free to share too.

spring gift
i made these and they were a hit at my craft fair .. they are bubble wands



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