Much Ado About Amber (the teething necklaces)

There are these clever necklaces out on the market today, called ‘teething necklaces’ and most of them are made with amber beads.  I had considered making a few and adding them to my Etsy shop, then after reading an article in the most recent PARENTS magazine, I opted out. In the article it stated that they are, quote ‘a trendy way to relieve teething pain..but they aren’t worth it’. According to Natasha Burgert, MD, a pediatrician in MO , ‘They carry real risks of strangulation and choking,’ if the necklace gets caught on something in the crib or elsewhere, a baby won’t have the ability to twist herself out of that position. And if even one of the beads comes off, she can put it in her mouth and potentially choke.’ Apparently the beads are supposed to give off a natural pain-relieving substance when warmed by the baby’s body temperature. But since there’s no real evidence to prove that the necklace works…Better Safe Than Sorry. Great concept But there are better alternatives. And props to the person who came up with the idea. I used to use a frozen wet face cloth and it worked for the most part. There are other organic necklaces that with supervision you could allow your child to teeth on as long as it’s not around their neck at the time and they don’t fall asleep with it in their hands.


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