Boston Bead Co. (a great escape)



I went into Boston yesterday with my husband and my two girls, we decided to go to the Harvard Museum of Natural History again. It’s a really neat place, if you haven’t been there yet you should check it out. There are rare gems in the museum, glass flowers (absolutely beautiful), fossils, life size animals and  whale skeletons hanging from the ceiling (scary amazing), going through the whole museum you could take about 2-4 hours.  

Well after walking through and exploring we left and walked through Harvard Yard we saw some amazing buildings, the architect was just beautiful. There was even a small ice skating pond set up in the yard, my girls enjoyed watch the students spins around. We even saw a tiny ToTo dog walking along with his master on a leash with a stick larger than life in his mouth, but he owned it. Ha! There was also an interesting food truck, they were selling just crepes, I’ve never actually had one before but my husband has and he loves them. Someday I’ll try one, maybe. 

Well, we eventually made our way to the Boston Bead Co., my favorite place. I love perusing through the shop and looking into the little compartments of beads to see what’s in there. Little surprises await me. As you can see in the picture I found some great beads. I had a budget though, sadly, or I would have purchased more. ( a lot more) WHEE!!!  The last time I went they had a stash I ‘lost beads’ behind the desk and I got some great deals and made some great earrings and necklaces from them, unfortunately, no such luck this time. Sad day for me. But there was a Starbucks next door so a medium hot coffee with toffee nut syrup nonfat milk and 1 sugar made it a little better, a iced nonfat caramel macchiatto with an extra shot and extra caramel would have been better but that costs a lot more and i spent a lot of my budget on beads–happily, so hot coffee it was. 

We lived in Brighton when my 11 year old was born and we really miss the lifestyle of the city. I love the cobblestone sidewalks, the old churches, the beautiful architecture, great availability to shopping centers and diverse stores/food, schools, libraries, I could go on and on; there’s just so much available and many ways to get to where you need to go, hence, no need for a car and there’s more to offer for kids more diversity in the city. But, alas, it’s too expensive, but then again Massachusetts is expensive itself.  So, I’ll stick to living where I am and visiting Boston when we can. 

Do you have a favorite bead shop? 

I did have a local favorite bead shop, it was in Plymouth, MA, it was called “Not Simply Beads” but due to the lovely economy it ended up closing. I was quite saddened, first because it was a small business and she was having to lose her business, second because my favorite local shop was closing, now where would I go for amazing beads.

I rarely shop online, if I do, I will buy on Etsy or a nice ‘mom and pop’ shop called “” they sell lucite flowers. 

Let me know where you go.




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