I love going to Barnes and Noble and grabbing a handful of magazines off the rack from the crafting section, I order a coffee and sit down with my hubby and start perusing through each one for my next project. 

Do you have a favorite crafting magazine? I have too many to choose from…but these are a few.



“Where Women Create”  (this is a new favorite)




“Bead and Button”

“Art Jewelry”


“Step by Step Wire Jewelry”




I have learned new techniques and I’ve been inspired simply from looking through a magazine. 

Another lesson learned is how to put colors together and when not to be afraid to put certain colors together, to be bold on occasion. Take a risk once in a while, have some fun. 


Cobalt and Tangerine = I would have never done such a thing or Pink and Orange, but it works, sometimes. 





These are NOT pieces I made just unique one that I found on the internet that I really liked. I love creating and being unique it’s my favorite thing to do. Some day I am going to do what I always say I’m going to do and that is to create drawings of what’s in my pretty little head. Ha! If I ever have time, between my kids and cleaning the house and doing dishes and laundry and helping with 6th grade homework (which is a whole other story, by the way were you aware MCAS begin in MARCH!), taking care of my wonderful husband and last but not least–getting my Etsy orders made and ready to ship out.  So in the midst of all of my TO-DO’s where can I create, how can I create? I do kind of wish I had one of those amazing color tablets that allows you to create your ideas and save them as you draw, no crayons colored pencils or markers needed to hoard or hide away for safe keeping. And it would help me draw out the shapes I wanted/needed. As though I had a jewelry designer right in front of me. (keep dreaming sister)

If you have ideas please share because I am sure there are other women out there thinking the same thing as me. 

Seriously, send me your ideas. 


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