Recycling Jewelry



I created this piece from two necklaces that I got from a local thrift store. I went in and asked if they had any broken jewelry and sure enough they did, I paid $10 for a fairly decent sized bag of jewelry that would have otherwise been thrown out. The beads are made from polymer clay.





My creative juices started flowing, and so I got out my supplies, I had gone to Kohl’s recently and purchased several necklaces and bracelets that were reduced. I paid about $40, saving $121…WOW!! (really alot more, because the beads would have cost twice as much at the craft store or online) I quite like this necklace. So, there’s an idea for you, go to the store after a big holiday and purchase the reduced items. 







This beautiful necklace is one of my favorites. It’s for sale at my Etsy shop, it’s called “Corallium & Pearls”, here’s the link  This was made from beads taken from a bucket of vintage beads, necklaces, and other assorted jewelry items. The coral beads were on a faded string falling apart so I made a necklace and bracelet from the lot of them. Then in this lot of vintage assortment were some faux pearls and vintage gold beads, just lovely, I knew instantly that these would pair well with the coral beads. So the three became one. What a match, just lovely.





Recycled Starbucks Giftcard Earrings…Simple, yet fun! Grande Iced NonFat Caramel Macchiato with an Extra Shot!




These were a custom order for someone in California, they made the order on my Etsy shop. They sent me their choice of Starbucks cards (one Target card). This was a fun order and challenging. 13 pairs in total. 





Dunkin Donuts Recycled Giftcards..How do you take your coffee?








Starbucks Recycled Gift Card Earrings ‘Spring Line’..Who Cares What The Groundhog Said!!!


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