Pantone’s Color of the Year is….ORCHID!!!!



This is so exciting! I read this in a People’s magazine while in a waiting room at the doctor’s office. I nearly screamed, I was so happy. I was actually grinning and shaking my head, I wonder what the people around me were thinking of me?.. They probably thought I was nuts, but I honestly didn’t care. ORCHID was named color of the year!! How awesome is that?! My daughter, who was there to see the doctor (we’ll talk about her later), said “Mom you should write to them and tell them about the name of your company”.  I told her I appreciated the fact that she had so much confidence in me but I didn’t think they would care about my little ole’ company, she just smiled and kept reading her copy of National Geographic.

Most magazines in waiting rooms annoy me, this one happened to be one of the top ones (a People’s) but NOT today! Ha! 

Not only do I love the color but I also love the flower. ❤


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